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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Lube Guide

Not sure which lube to choose? Not even sure where to start? To make the decision a little easier, The Bedroom Advisor offers a side-by-side comparison of popular lubricants in the Which Lubricant is Right for You? Chart.

When choosing a lube, one of the things you'll want to consider is the style. Water-based lubes are great for all-terrain use, while silicone and cream lubricants have more specialized applications. Another factor in lube choice should be glycerin content. Glycerin is known to cause yeast infections in women (which can, of course, be passed on to men), so those who are susceptible should steer clear. The final column in the chart offers a little extra information on each individual lube to help make your final choice, ranging from consistency to taste, depending on the product itself.

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Review: Space Nuts

by Spooky

The fate of the galaxy is at stake in Jonathan Morgan’s Space Nuts a hilarious adult feature from Wicked Pictures that very well may be the funniest adult movie ever made. Taking a Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs approach to the material, Morgan parodies every popular science fiction movie of the last 35 years, including Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Aliens, and even a few non-science fiction ones like Titanic and Gladiator. The result is three hours of sexual fun in space that is quite simply a must-have for your adult collection.

The movie opens with Princess Hubba Hubba (Stormy) racing away from the Evil Overlord (a non-sex role by a barely-recognizable Mike Horner) in her starship, the USS Royal Brat. Stormy gets the sex started by getting it on with Ensign Benson (Trevor Zen) in her quarters, but shortly after the sex has concluded, Evil Overlord attacks and (accidentally) blows up her ship.

Not to worry though, the Princess has managed to escape and finds herself and her droid Jeeves (played wonderfully by Randy Spears as a cross between C-3PO and Mr. Data) aboard “The Floating Balls” casino, which is run by Captain Buzz StarFockker (Evan Stone). When Evan finds the Princess and Jeeves aboard his ship, he assigns Jeeves to be a pleasure droid and makes the Princess serve drinks.

It’s not long before Evil Overlord figures out what has happened to the Princess, and captures her aboard The Floating Balls. Determined to marry the Princess (since her husband will gain control of a large portion of the galaxy), Overlord whisks her away to the wedding location. But Buzz and Jeeves have managed to survive Overlord’s attack on the casino, and the race is on to rescue the Princess before she is forced to marry Evil Overlord.

As for the sexual action, Wicked has packed ten sex scenes into this three-hour epic. The best scenes feature Evan Stone making out with (a totally blue!) Jessica Drake; Devinn Lane (who plays Overlord’s assistant, Dark Witch) getting it on with Evan, and a movie-ending coupling between Stormy and Evan. Other sex scenes include Randy Spears with Kaylani Lei, a threesome between Kyle Stone, Amber Rain and Casey Pink, and Stormy and Julian teaming up for a hot scene.

Not only is Space Nuts tremendously funny (I wouldn’t dream of spoiling the humor here, although I will pass along my favorite line: When Evan and Jeeves are captured by Overlord’s guards and Jeeves cowers on the floor and says “Game Over, Game Over!” – which is a nice nod towards James Cameron’s Aliens, although I may be one of the few viewers who picked up on the joke.), but the special effects are easily the best that have ever been done for an adult film. We’re not talking ILM here, but the effects are certainly on par with some lower budget movies and TV shows, and we get a lot of them in the movie.

The movie is presented in 16x9 anamorphic widescreen and 5.1 Dolby sound, so those with widescreen TVs are going to love what they get with this title.

As always, Wicked provides a plethora of extras on this 2-DVD set. First and foremost, the coolest feature on the DVD is a Picture-in-Picture commentary track with Jonathan Morgan, Randy Spears and Stormy. This is where a box pops up on your screen during the commentary, so you can actually see the people as they comment on the picture. To my knowledge, this has only been done once before on an adult release (with Nic Andrews’ Dark Angels), and it’s a welcome addition here. The Extras DVD includes a behind the scenes featurette, bloopers, a rehearsal reel, a casting call reel, a “cold readings” reel, bloopers, the Space Nuts trailer, a look at the making of Stormy’s Essential Elements sex toy (with Stormy, of course), slide shows, biographies, and much more. There's even a hidden batch of Easter Eggs that can be found on the Extras DVD. It's not easy to find them on your own, fortunately, will tell you exactly how to get there! To say that this is the best jam-packed adult release of the year is almost an understatement.

Every once in a while, an adult movie comes along that takes porn to the next level. From Taboo to Dream Quest, every few years an adult movie arrives that dwarfs everything that has come before it, and the industry takes a giant leap ahead. Space Nuts is that kind of movie. Every comedy and special effects adult film made from this day forward will have this title to live up to.

I can pretty much sum up my excitement for Space Nuts in four words: Bring on the sequel!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Studio to Watch: Comstock Films

Real People, Real Life, Real Sex is the tagline of small, up-and-coming production studio Comstock Films. With two releases out on DVD and three more on the way, Comstock Films is generating buzz and selling units. Their first film, Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story was a critical success as well as a hit among folks who had largely written off porn as boring and ofttimes offensive. The documentary style that director Tony Comstock employs is widely heralded as a fresh and intimate approach to sex on film, with couples telling the story of how they met and fell in love intercut with scenes of them having hot, passionate sex. Comstock's second release, Xana and Dax: When Opposites Attract follows the same basic formula with a new couple.

Widely heralded as porn for people who don't like porn, Comstock Films is differentiating itself from other adult studios and connecting with consumers who might not be able to find what they're looking for in a run-of-the-mill adult video. Well worth checking out if you're in the market for real chemistry and authentic pleasure.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Must-Have: Toy Chest

A few days ago, I posted an Q & A about properly storing sex toys. Today, a brand new product was released called the Toy Chest that is absolutely perfect for storing your sensual sundries. It measures 5" x 6" x 11" and by my estimation should fit 5-6 medium-sized toys (a very scientific study was done to determine this, I assure you). It's available in both red and black and features a metal handle so that you can, say, carry your sex toys with you to the mall or perhaps the dentist if you so desire.

I'm enamored with this product mostly because I'm sick of coming home to find that my dog has managed to destroy my best vibrator again. That, and it's handy for when the family comes to visit.

In addition to the box, there's a free silvery plastic vibrator thrown in to sweeten the deal. Cheap slimline vibes that run on C batteries are the kind of thing I can never convince myself to buy, but I definitely appreciate them when they arrive for free.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Review: SM 101

by Ruby McPherson

Ropes, paddles, whips, floggers, clamps, and collars. Sound exciting but not sure where to start? Then SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Jay Wiseman is the book you’re looking for. Wiseman aims to explain the fundamentals of SM in a personal and easy to understand way. This book caters to the sexual adventurer – the woman who loves having her nipples bitten, the man who thoroughly enjoys a good spanking, the couple who want to try tying each other up but get stuck with the question “What now?”

SM, also known as sadomasochism, and used as a blanket term to describe practices such as “B&D” (bondage & discipline), “D&S” (dominance and submission), and the new term which is gaining popularity, “BDSM” which refers to Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. (Is that enough acronyms for you?) In his book, Wiseman describes SM “as the knowing use of psychological dominance and submission, and/or physical bondage, and/or pain, and/or related practices in a safe, legal consensual manner in order for the participants to experience erotic arousal and/or personal growth.”

The focus of the book is to turn the reader into a safe practitioner of SM. He is a heterosexual man, but tries to write from a gender- and sexual orientation-neutral perspective. The book is written in a very personal, relaxed way with the reader in mind, which makes it easier to read than many other SM how-to manuals.

In the first couple chapters, he explains what SM is, why you might be interested in it, how to find someone else who might be thinking the same pervy things you are. After that he gets into the nitty gritty stuff: bondage. This is where you’re just going to have to bear with him. If you just want some tips on tying your partner up, you would do well to skim over the first chapter on bondage. It seems more like an Eagle Scout knot tying manual than a how-to on sex.

Once you get past that section, it gets a lot more interesting and a lot more fun. The author mixes things up a lot more and presents a wide variety of information. Above all, he focuses on safety – not only during play, but also in finding partners and what to be suspicious of in a new play partner. He goes into depth about things I wouldn’t have even thought I had to know. For this reason, this book seems like it would be a useful reference to have if you have questions instead of something you read once and forget about.

Overall, I think this book would be a very useful resource for someone interested in exploring SM as a serious pastime as well as a couple who wants a few hints about how to spice up their sex lives a bit. Along with the detailed explanations of how to use a riding crop on someone whose arms are bound behind their back and what to do with them if they need to pee, there is a chapter full of really hot things you can do with your partner, tied up or otherwise. Wiseman leaves no stone unturned, no question unanswered as far as I can tell. And if you come up with something he forgot, he encourages you to write and ask. So order a copy of SM 101 and have all the kinky fun your little heart desires.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Q & A: Storing Sex Toys

Q. What is the right way to store my sex toys? Right now I have them crammed together in a box in my closet and I’m worried about them staying clean.

A. Having a hidden box of toys seems pretty common amongst users. However, you are right, keeping toys all bunched together doesn’t positively contribute to their long term use.

It is best to keep toys, regardless of what they are made from, in a cool and dry space. If an item comes with its’ own storage pouch, as many glass dildos do for example, then it would be a good idea to hang onto this. For your naked items, it is best to wrap each one in a soft, lint-free cloth such as a cut up t-shirt. Also, it is important to remove all batteries and bullet vibes after each use during storage to prevent any damage due to leakage or other possible corruption.

Direct sunlight or excess heat can damage toys by causing them to melt, discolor or dry out severely. The same goes for latex condoms. Also, storing toys all together with no protective cover separating them can result in the toys melting or corroding each other if the materials they are made of aren’t compatible.

Mold and mildew can also prove to be damaging culprits to one’s precious toy stash if an item is not dried properly before being put away. This is why the air dry is the best option for items. In fact, it is a good idea to wash toys after pulling them out of storage before use too, just in case it was exposed to any dirt or dust in between uses. Also, a random check of less used items now and again will help you keep an eye on any potential breakdowns in toy material or problems with your storage method.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

New on DVD: Caribbean Dream

European production company Private is known for very passionate, very hardcore releases that push the boundaries of the "couples market" in a way that American companies aren't known for. One of my favorite things about Private is that they routinely shoot on-location in beautiful locales. Gorgeous beaches and tropical jungles are a nice change of pace from the couch-in-a-poorly-decorated-room motifs generally employed in vignette-style all sex movies.

Featuring pretty heavy action with stunning backdrops, Private's new release Caribbean Dream is a great example of what they have to offer. If you are looking for a DVD to watch alone or with a friend that's more about the sex and less about clunky dialogue, give this one a try. At the very least, it may help you plan your next vacation.

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